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Heritage Hedge

Are you looking to reduce the complexity of your family farm with proper risk protection and to improve your financial strength?


Our partnership with Heritage Hedge goes hand in hand with our mission of helping farming families take less risk, make more profit, and enjoy a better quality of life.


Heritage Hedge has your best interest in mind when it comes to farm profitability and building a strong foundation to allow the family farm to continue for generations to come.


Fiscal Services

  • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Detailed and maintained to provide a sound decision-making structure with operational goals
  • Expense Matrix
    • Proprietary method for logging and tracking direct and indirect costs with an innovative way to represent land costs and gain the true picture of your farm profit
  • Government Farm Programs
    • Assistance with navigating and advising participation with the optimal government program for your farm

Risk Protection

  • Grain Marketing
    • Knowing and advising the correct solutions for offsetting risk
  • Brokerage Services
    • Assisting you, if needed, in establish accounts with brokerage firms and provide proper hedging strategies that capture profits


Bottom Line: Heritage Hedge balances risk and tracks your farm operation results.



EDGE Market Gauges


Marketing your crop is one of the most difficult and emotional jobs a farmer has.  Would your grain marketing decisions benefit from a research tool that provides important data and is soley based on profitability and market strength in a simplified format?  


The EDGE Market Gauges are an easy-to-understand tool that is designed to help assist farmers in beating the average when making grain marketing decisions.


Contact our office today if you are interested in accessing this research platform.





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