Private Hail Products

Crop Hail

Hail insurance provides protection against loss caused by:

  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Transport to first storage destination from collision or overturn
  • Stored grain


Written on a dollar-per-acre basis and limit of insurance set by policyholder.  Bundles are offered that includes basic hail coverage with other endorsements such as Wind Coverage and Greensnap, Extra Harvest Expense, and Replant Option.


Replant Option

Replant Option is a private product that supplements a Multi-Peril replant payment.  The producer must have an active MPCI policy.  There is no deductible that needs to be met to trigger an indemnity payment.  Hence, the Replant Option pays the limit of insurance the producer selects starting on acre #1 as long as the loss is approved by an adjuster for a covered peril.


BAND Coverage

Highly flexible and fully customizable coverage that allows a producer to create their own crop insurance product.  Protects against shallow losses (usually above MPCI deductible) and provides reliable input cost recovery.  A lower deductible translates to a higher yield or revenue trigger for a producer’s indemnity, providing support exactly where needed.


  • Loss Trigger:  Upper-level percentage of APH where coverage begins.  This is where the deductible is established.
  • Coverage Range:  Percentage range from Loss Trigger down to bottom range of coverage.
  • Protection Factor:  Percentage of application Price Election.


How it Works:

The policyholder may elect a Loss Trigger from 95% to 50%. The policyholder may choose a Coverage Range, available in 1% increments with a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 95%,
to establish the "Coverage BAND." 


The Price Protection Factor defaults to 100%, available in 1% increments with a minimum of 5%. Protection Factors are lower for higher Coverage Ranges.


A multitude of combinations can be generated to address shallow loss, price protection, input cost recovery, and liability enhancement for lending.


The bottom line: With BAND, we're giving you the freedom to design your coverage any way you like. We have thousands of options to target the unique risk management needs of each individual grower.


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